“What happens after I graduate from ESI?”

This is a question we get frequently from prospective students. Are ESI graduates just cast to the wind with a hearty handshake and a ‘good luck?’ It’s a great question and one you should be asking. Graduates from any college or university have the same concern about graduate services for their chosen field. Now that they have a diploma in hand, how do they break into the marketplace? It’s a subject that ESI takes VERY seriously and one that we care deeply about.

My role at ESI is to establish a professional relationship with students that continues throughout their careers. ESI graduates are like family to us, and we treat them that way. Hopefully, this brief overview of the services we offer will put your mind at ease. More details are available anytime. Just reach out to me at Eerin@ESI-Lifeforce.com.

  1. Resume Assistance:
    Even before you show up for the first class, I will contact you and start assembling your resume material. Using that information and the skills you’ll be learning at ESI, I will help you create a professional resume that highlights your past professional, military, and life experiences.
  2. For former military personnel, I can translate the jargon that often overwhelms a resume into relatable information that hiring personnel can easily interpret. I will work individually with you during your time at ESI to produce a resume in the most current resume format being used within the industry. Even before graduation, you’ll have a professional and effective resume ready to go!
  3. Personal Marketing:
    This critical portion of your professional life is the topic of a dedicated one-day session during the Executive Protection Program. You’ll learn not only resume building and maintenance but how to successfully market yourself in the industry. Finding a job IS a job, and we’ll give you the skills necessary to get your career off the ground.
  4. Recruiter Relations:
    ESI has strong relationships with numerous recruiters from the leading Executive Protection service providers in the world, including Gavin de Becker, Pinkerton, Allied Universal, Garda, Concentric, At-Risk, and many others. We are in frequent contact with each of them regarding employment possibilities for our graduates within their companies.
  5. ESI hosts recruiters during a one-day dedicated session for them to ‘present’ their companies to students and meet with them individually. This personal evaluation helps them recruit directly from our classroom during training and many students have positions waiting for them at graduation. Often, they reach out to me directly when they have a specific full-time role that they would like to fill. After graduation, I forward each graduate’s completed resume to all recruiters.
  6. Job Postings:
    Each day I source a wide variety of security positions not only nationwide but worldwide utilizing numerous job search engines, trusted industry job boards, and Fortune 500 companies. These positions can range from an unarmed uniformed guard position to personal protection of high-net-worth individuals or even international opportunities protecting high-level government officials or high-risk contractors.
  7. Each of these positions is posted to our proprietary Career Page which is available only to ESI graduates. I monitor social media sites for additional opportunities and share them with graduates based on their geographic location.
  8. Social Media:
    You can count on me for advice on how to utilize your social media accounts to brand who you are and what you bring to the table. I monitor general news feeds and dedicated Executive Protection sites. I recommend effective networking opportunities designed to increase your visibility in the marketplace. I share opportunities found through social media either directly with an individual or with all our graduates seeking employment.
  9. I can recommend connections and assist in introductions to other industry professionals to further your career. You can come to me to find the best social media sites with opportunities posted by industry professionals. Maybe the most important information I pass along is what NOT to do on your social media accounts, so you don’t have prospective employers dismissing you based on something seen on your page.
  10. Networking:
    We have developed a huge network of practicing professionals and I can help our graduates find colleagues in their geographic area for mentoring and advice. Many of these reach out to me directly for ESI graduates because we have such a great industry reputation and our graduates represent us so well. ESI staff, instructors, and fellow graduates will be in your network for your whole career. We’ve been training Executive Protection professionals for 40 years. We know some folks.

Remember, when you graduate from ESI, you won’t be cast to the wind with a hearty handshake and a ‘good luck.’ You’ll have an experienced industry resource that you may utilize throughout your training and all during your career. I take my role very personally and feel strongly that if you are successful in the industry, I’ve done my job well.