2024 Housing Rates

Double Occupancy $30

Single Occupancy $60

What is the Difference Between a Double Occupancy and Single Occupancy

A double occupancy room is where you will have one roommate bunking with you for the duration of your training. A single occupancy room allows you privacy during the duration of your stay for your training.

How Are Roommates Assigned

Roommates and suitemates are assigned based on room selection during the application process. Students who choose the same room and/or suite will automatically be assigned as roommates/suitemates.

What is a Roommate

Roommates are classified as students who share the same bedroom space. Suitemates are classified as students who live in the same suite but do not share a bedroom.

Can I Meet My Roommate Before Classes Start

Students are encouraged to communicate with their assigned roommates or suitemates through the Facebook community prior to arriving at the residence hall.

Can I Change Roommates After Classes Start

Students who would like to change rooms or suites must complete a Room/Suite Change Request by contacting ESI at esi@esi-lifeforce.com. Please note that submitting a Room/Suite Change Request does not guarantee that the request will be granted.

Can I Terminate My Housing Contract

Please refer to our contract buyout policy and terms. You will have to submit a request to modify/terminate contract obligation form for review.