Ultimate Plus Executive Protection Training Package

This is the most comprehensive bodyguard training package offered to the civilian market. It will provide the skills needed to make you as marketable as possible.


Elijah Shaw
Senior Cadre- Icon Global Security
Chris Story
Senior Cadre- Covert Protection
Jenny West
Senior Cadre- Executive Protection
Meb West
Director of Training- Executive Protection
Bob Duggan
President- Founder
Mark Robbins
Senior Cadre- Tactical Medicine
Greg Nelson
Cadre- Corporate Security Management


March 14, 2024 - 8:00 am


May 25, 2024 - 6:00 pm


Grand Junction, CO   View map


10-week residency.

The Ultimate Plus Executive Protection Training Plus Package includes:

Surveillance/Surveillance Detection

Executive Protection Program

Corporate Security Management Program

LEAFER/”Tactical Medicine for the Executive Protection Professional”

Covert Protection Program

Celebrity Protection Program


The total cost of this ESI program is within the yearly VA educational cap.

“Can’t speak highly enough of the CPS Training I just Completed at ESI! I’ve been working in the EP/Security/Investigations field for 11 years, operating my own agency for the last three, and I think I learned more in a month with ESI than I picked up in the previous decade in the field. Well worth the investment. Thank you.”

Samuel B.

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