Bob Duggan

Bob Duggan

President- Founder

Bob Duggan founded Executive Security International in 1980 with an obsessive interest in human behavior, especially bad behavior. In 1973, Bob was a co-partner and founder of The Aspen Academy of Martial Arts where his interest in the precursors of attack sharpened.

Bob Duggan
Behavioral Intelligence and Clues to Dangerousness

The link between martial arts and the establishment of a professional school for bodyguards was rooted in his belief that these precursors to physical assault are observable and therefore predictable.

After working close protection for celebrities and families of high personal wealth abroad and in the U.S., he was convinced that his anecdotal observations of body language and movements in a crowd were clues to intentions. In the search for a scientific basis for his intuitive feelings about the predictability of assault, Bob investigated assaults on public figures and the research of behavioral psychologists. In 1985, he discovered the work of Dr. Paul Ekman and his pioneering study of the connection between facial expressions and primary emotions. Ekman’s practical applications are fixated on deception detection; he does not claim that his research is relevant to aggression.

Bob Duggan believes that a trained observer can detect the pre-indicators of assault. They are always present and observable to the person who looks for the unexpected. Whether there is scientific proof of the Behavioral Cues or not, there is enough evidence to act. Bob’s class on Behavioral Intelligence and Clues to Dangerousness is a critical skill, which compels a protective agent to adopt a strategy of Preemptive Intervention or he is left with reacting to an attack after the fact.


ID Event Name Duration Start Date
UE-006 Ultimate Executive Protection Training Package 10 Weeks March 18, 2024
UE-002 High Risk Threat Training Package 10 Weeks March 18, 2024
UE-001 Ultimate Plus Executive Protection Training Package 10 Weeks March 14, 2024


ID Course Name Duration Start Date
CPS Executive Protection Training 28 Days July 28, 2024
CPSHybrid Hybrid Executive Protection Training Program Nine Months August 19, 2023