Pablo Ortiz-Monasterio

Pablo Ortiz-Monasterio

AS3 International Founder

Former Chapter Chair and co-founder for ASIS International® (Most Important association for Security Professionals in the World) for its Mexico Puebla-Southeast chapter.

Co-founder of the EP SUMMIT México | EP Forum US

IBSSA® Certified Executive Protection Instructor and Evaluator

Former member of the extint Executive Protection Council for ASIS International®

Interview and Interrogation Techniques – Wiklander – Zulawski & Associates IL, USA

Advanced Vehicle Dynamics -Tony Scotti Driving / Vehicle Dynamics Institute

Executive Protection Certificate – ASIS International / Robert Oatman & Associates

EPS & Certified Trainer – IBBSA

Active member of:

ASIS International®

ASIS CDMX Executive Protection Committee

SAE (International Society for Automotive Engineers)

IBSSA® (International Bodyguard & Security Services Association)

OSAC (State Department’s Overseas Security Advisory Council)

20+ years’ experience in family safety & crisis management with extensive personal experience in managing high-impact crimes like K&R, Extortion, and Organized Crime impact on families and corporations, with vast experience in the research of proven tactics and techniques for helping families and corporations to reduce their exposure and impact to organized crime.

Permanent consultant for Eduardo Ruiz-Healy’s Radio and Television program in Grupo Formula for security and crime prevention fears. Since 2007. Columnist on safety and vehicle dynamics, for specialty magazines such as Seguridad en America, Golf & Spa, EP Wired and many other Business magazines.

Speaker on security issues and their impact, with a long history as a presenter within institutions such as: IPSB (International Protective Security Board) Las Vegas, NV (2022). ASIS International® GSX Las Vegas (2019) / Mexico / Colombia (2018), Annual Latin American Security Congress, National Assembly against Kidnapping and Extortion (Since 2015), AMPPPAC Security Congress, and many others.

Certified instructor in executive protection, self-protection, crisis and information management, vehicle dynamics, and training techniques. Only person authorized by IBSSA to certify on their behalf throughout the Americas on issues of vehicle dynamics and safety management.

Representative in Mexico of L.A.C.E. (Law Enforcement Against Child Exploitation) global organization of combating human trafficking.


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