Corporate Security

Ethics and Morals in the Executive Protection Industry

The topic of ethics and morals seems to rise to the surface in the executive protection industry every time a news outlet publishes an incident regarding an EP agent (Or as they love to call them, “bodyguards”), and after the hundreds of “likes” and “dislikes”, sharing and finger pointing on social media by colleagues, these […]


The Anatomy of Risk and the Role of Risk and Threat Assessment in Protective Operations

  The executive protection profession is probably one of the few fields that find it necessary and prudent for its practitioners to educate themselves in different domains, and one of the most important is Risk and Threat Assessments. These assessments play a critical role in protective operations by providing security professionals with the necessary information […]


Identifying Suspicious Behavior: Essential Pre-Attack Indicator Training for Executive Protection Agents

Senior executive protection professionals will all agree that the number one goal when performing protective details is to prevent a threatening or embarrassing situation before it becomes a reality for your client. Now, we all know that the majority of EP schools are highly invested in the ‘’cool guy skills’’. They spend hundreds of hours […]