6 Ways to Master the Art of Executive Protection Training

Mastering the Art of Executive Protection Training In today’s unpredictable world, ensuring the safety of high-profile individuals is of utmost importance. Executives, dignitaries, and celebrities are constantly exposed to potential threats, making executive protection training a critical necessity. This comprehensive guide explores the essential aspects of executive protection training, its significance, and how it prepares […]


Advance Work in Executive Protection

If you are new to the world of executive protection this task may be something you have never heard of; the advance is what separates bodyguards from executive protection specialists. Advance work is the study of factual or estimated information and the activities or arrangements made as it pertains to the location of the arrival […]


The Importance of Medical Training For Personal Protection Specialists

Statistically speaking, your client is more likely to have a medical emergency than a physical attack on their person. Even when traveling, the highest risk category for your client is the risk of a health problem or a fall. Medical training for personal protection specialists is recommended. You will greatly benefit by having some basic [...]

Attire for Personal Protection Specialists

As a personal protection specialist, we typically have a dress code to keep. On some occasions, however, your client will give you a different dress code. In terms of a general dress code, you should wear one of two things depending on what your client has asked and where you are going. These things are formal [...]

ESI on 60 Minutes

MEMORIES: In 1985, Ed Bradley hosted a 60 Minutes program on ESI, which was broadcasted two years later. The interview overlooked Aspen, ESI’s birthplace in 1980. He and the production crew were on the racetrack when we suffered an accident during a ‘Take-Out’ maneuver taught to us by Wally Dallenbach, Chief Steward of CART and Indy Car race [...]

Executive Protection for Children

Providing Executive Protection services for children is growing in demand every year. As more celebrities post about their children on social media, these children often become targets of the unstable.  For many wealthy and elite individuals, their children are their most prized possession and they only want the absolute best for them. Gone are the [...]

What It Takes to Become an Executive Protection Specialist

Executive Security International isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (or shot of whiskey for that matter). So I would like to quell a few things that I am hearing in social media. ESI officers a variety of certificates designed for the security industry. We offer everything from a continuing education certificate, which can simply be completed [...]