What It Takes to Become an Executive Protection Specialist

Executive Security International isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (or shot of whiskey for that matter). So I would like to quell a few things that I am hearing in social media.

ESI officers a variety of certificates designed for the security industry. We offer everything from a continuing education certificate, which can simply be completed online to a three-month full time residency specializing in high threat protection.

The qualifications to enter into each one of our programs are different. Depending on your career objective and background is going to be the determining factor of what courses you can take here at ESI or what courses I would personally recommend for you.

When you attend and graduate we want you to leave here on the path to success, so if I enroll you into a program which you would never have a chance at succeeding in after graduation I would not only be doing you a disservice but ESI as well. A school is only as successful as its graduates.


All ESI students are required to have a high school diploma or GED. Each student must provide us with a background check. If you provide these two items, I can accept you into the Executive Protection course or the Corporate Crisis Management course.

If you want to attend our PSD, DDM or Tactical Medic course we have extra qualifications that you must meet. In order to attend the PSD or DDM course you must have prior combat zone experience with the United States military within the last seven years. We set these qualifications for the courses because, without a combat zone deployment, contractors will not employ you. For the Tactical Medic course, you must have a prior certification in the medical field, I.E. combat life saver, E.M.T.

For some, attending ESI is a life changing experience. They push themselves harder than they ever thought possible and learn new things that they can apply both in their personal life as well as their professional life. No matter what you take away from a program such as ours, I cannot guarantee you will find employment. A certificate is only a small part of landing your dream job. After you complete your certificate, finding a job becomes a job.

Network! Network! Network! We cannot stress that enough. Take advantage of all of the resources your school gives you. Most schools have a career board. ESI offers a career board, bio posting and head hunting service all free of charge for their graduates. If you would like more information about the career board or DF resources call the office at 800-874-0888.

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