Executive Protection for Children

Providing Executive Protection services for children is growing in demand every year. As more celebrities post about their children on social media, these children often become targets of the unstable.  For many wealthy and elite individuals, their children are their most prized possession and they only want the absolute best for them.

Gone are the days of the no-neck muscleman providing security for wealthy families. In their place, you will find athletic, intelligent men and women who fit in at the park with the rest of the nannies, but unlike the rest, they have been trained to hunt the predator.

Some executive protection professionals will work double duty providing daily care for the children as well as being their security provider. Others will provide executive protection for children and the child’s caretakers.

The younger children are, the easier your job will be. Teenagers on the other hand will be a tad bit difficult for both you and the parents. Teens often will not want the notoriety of having a security detail following their every move or telling them what they can and cannot post on TikTok. They will have attitudes, test your boundaries and they just might try to lose you in a crowd or sneak out a window to attend a local party.

To find out more about a career in executive protection for children contact ESI at 800-874-0888.

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